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I Rant About Best Buy Trying To Sell Me Something

The picture above isn’t the computer. It’s┬ámy computer… So I […]

You’ve Heard of SimpliSafe – A Security System Review

There’s no way you haven’t. If you’re active on YouTube […]

I Built A PC!

Hey everyone! If you’re following me on Twitter, you may […]

E3 2018 In Retrospect: PlayStation

Talk about strange. PlayStation’s E3 showcase wasn’t bad to be […]

E3 2018 In Retrospect: Nintendo

I honestly didn’t feel all that blown away by Nintendo […]

E3 2018 In Retrospect: Bethesda

Well that was fun. Bethesda’s conference was interesting to say the least…

ICYMI Gaming News: October Edition

In case you missed it, ICYMI Gaming News is back.

Failures Of The Gaming Community

Part five of four. Yes, you read that correctly.

E3 2017 In Retrospect: Bethesda

Image Credit: VG24/7 To think that people stayed up for […]

E3 2017 In Retrospect: Xbox

The veil is lifted, and the product of Project Scorpio […]

Failures Of The Xbox One

Part one of a four part series. Prepare for a […]

Project Scorpio: What’s The Point?

Sure, it’s powerful compared to other consoles…

The Falcon Model Xbox 360

Hopefully this will answer lingering questions.