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To Buy A Console, Or PC?

I’ve had quite a few strong opinions in the realm […]

A Newbie’s Guide To PC Gaming – A Series

There are a precious few things that I’m genuinely good […]

Microsoft Is Buying Publishers… Why?

Hoo boy, this is a big deal. Microsoft recently purchased […]

Rediscovering Fun: Reminiscing

Sorry, but this is going to be pretty meta since […]

Rediscovering Fun: VR

It’s strange to think about how changing the means with […]

Why I Think Control Is Awesome

Lore is handled in games in many different ways. Here I explain why Control succeeded where other games struggle.

PC Build Portfolio: Violet

Jennifer needed a computer. Well, she actually just needed a […]

PC Build Portfolio: Hades

I’ve obviously covered this before, but I wanted to provide […]

DOOM Eternal Thought Salad

I praised the previous DOOM. I almost said “the original […]

Greedfall Thought Salad

Shelby: The term spiritual successor gets thrown around a lot, […]

Black Mesa Thought Salad

There are only a handful of games that I can […]

GeForce Now: Where Should You Be Able To Play Your Games?

Honestly, I haven’t heard of GeForce Now until very recently, […]

Mistakes Were Made: My PC

I think it’s safe to say that nobody does it […]

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Thought Salad

It wasn’t long ago when I commented that I was […]

Five Words for Gears 5

I’ve been playing around with a new idea for videos, […]

I Rant About Best Buy Trying To Sell Me Something

The picture above isn’t the computer. It’s my computer… So I […]