Talk about strange. PlayStation’s E3 showcase wasn’t bad to be honest, just odd. It’s disappointing that they focused so heavily on games that we already knew about Sony tends to tease games years in advance before finally releasing them, sometimes to the point that these teasers becoming memes in a way.

This year, they played their cards pretty safe, showing off many of the same things we’ve seen before. However, they managed to slip in some new stuff anyway!

The Old News

Obviously, The Last of Us IIGhost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, and Hideo Kojima’s hilariously incomprehensible title in development Death Stranding all came back to the stage.

Of these, The Last of Us II probably turned heads the most, given the nature of the trailer they showed (spoiler: Ellie kisses a girl while thinking about violently killing about a dozen people). It looks interesting to say the least, but I’d venture a guess that this sequel will focus less on zombies and more on the nature of humanity in the aftermath of the apocalypse. My reasoning? Ellie is immune to the mushroom madness, so while the terrifying walking toadstools will still pose a physical threat to her, they won’t be able to infect her. Besides, the trailer seems to hint at Ellie’s struggle to reconcile the horrors of her survival with the relative mundane nature of ordinary life. I’d also guess that Ellie’s new girlfriend is likely an enemy too, or she likely bites the dust at some point.

Naughty Dog likes to rip out your heart strings after all.

Ghost of Tsushima looks phenomenal; downright stunning. In it, you’ll be fighting a Mongol invasion, though because you’re at a serious disadvantage, so you’ll need to use stealth to make up the difference. It’s awesome to see another game hit the market that appears to be focused on period realism, even if it’s just in the depiction of the world and fighting mechanics. Given my love for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I might find a love here too.

And it’d be impossible to talk about a Sony E3 event without at least mentioning in passing the Death Stranding trailer, which showed some very minor gameplay, if you can call it that. Again, I’m probably not the target demographic for this title, but I can’t help but feel like it’s just weird for the sake of being weird. I honestly have no clue why people love it so much considering how little we know about it. It must just be a Hideo Kojima cult fandom thing.

Last but certainly not least though, is Spider-Man, which looks like it may follow in stride with the movie counterpart to the land of Not Sucking. The combat looks incredibly fluid, while not giving the impression of making failure impossible. It’s also worth noting that there will be a ton of different villains to fight too!

Oh, and Square Enix showed Kingdom Hearts 3AGAIN.

Different Stuff

Sony didn’t only show off the usual stuff though, they brought in third-party developers and showed off some first-party projects too.

Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly?) Capcom stole the show with their trailer for Resident Evil 2‘s remaster (or remake?). I can understand, given the plethora of nightmares that game gave me as a kid. I’m interested to see the approach they take with it.

Remedy came out with the announcement of Control, which looks incredibly like Quantum Break, though I’m not entirely sure if it’s meant to be similar in any way to their previous game. All signs point to “no”, but you can’t know for sure these days. I love these types of games nonetheless, the kind that include physics-based powers, that is.

Then came Trover Saves the Universe, which… I really doubt you’ll have trouble determining whose brainchild that is. The people who make the show Rick & Morty. So chances are, if you like that show, you might like their game.

That extra stuff is actually interesting; even the teaser for From Software and Japan Studio’s new game. You know, the game that pissed people off because it wasn’t Bloodborne 2. Instead, it’s a VR title called Deracine. It remains to be seen if you need to prepare to die, or prepare for tears. Maybe both?

Getting Weird

PS E3 Banjo.png

I wouldn’t be able to talk about Sony’s E3 2018 showcase without daring to mention that they made some exceedingly strange choices when structuring their event. They decided to change venues repeatedly throughout the event, which would be fine if it didn’t mean the stream for everyone at home would be interrupted with talking heads. The music wasn’t terrible though, despite people’s complaints. I just feel like they could’ve cut some of the dead time by not shuffling the attendees to and fro, and maybe not having multiple music performances.

Also, am I the only one that isn’t completely blown away by Death Stranding? Am I supposed to be worshiping the ground Hideo Kojima walks on? Does that game make any sense to anyone, or does it not matter that it makes zero sense? Am I the only one who wants to know more than vague and confusing trailers before going head-over-heels for a game?

What are your musings about Sony’s event? Anything really stick out to you? Do you know what the hell is going on with Death Stranding, or is it basically just the Norman Reedus’ fetus simulator that I think it is?

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Posted by Shelby "Falcon509" Steiner

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  1. Visually Death Stranding looks impressive, but I don’t understand how people can get so excited for it when we know nothing about it or what the gameplay will be like. I definitely think it’s just Kojima hype, if it was anyone else it would probably be getting torn to shreds by now.

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    1. It feels like the majority of excitement following E3 was all about games that had teasers that were literally a statement of fact that the game was in development. I get it though – all in all, there weren’t a whole lot of blockbusters announced. At least in retrospect, that’s what it feels like.

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  2. I understand the hesitation about Death Stranding. Certainly, there’s no mechanical, functional, or system details released yet which to a lot people equates to nothing being released yet. But for me and a lot of people the artistry comes first and there’s this wonderful ambience to what has been shown. I for one am really drawn in!

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    1. I can understand that. I’m certainly not one to scoff at technical achievement. I just don’t think that technical marvels in videogames always mean they’ll be good games. It’s true that Kojima’s project is a long ways off, so it may be unfair to pass judgments on his upcoming game, but I’m not sold that I should be hyped about Death Stranding. I don’t know anything about it except that it looks realistic, and it’s really weird.

      I don’t mean to cast aspersions on Kojima, his team, or those that are interested in his work though.



  3. I don’t think you are the only one that isn’t blown away by Death Stranding. I can confirm I am right there with you. I’ve enjoyed Kojima’s work in the past but this has no indication of what it actually is going to be and the “gameplay” shown amounted to nothing more than traversal. Is this a sci-fi, third person, walking sim?

    As for the rest of the show. It took far too long to get going, in the Discord chat that I was in while watching it, we lost someone during the intermission because they just gave up. It was horribly paced and maybe a cool idea for those there, horrible for those watching at home. On the side of the games, they all looked good but I wasn’t blown away by anything they showed (except the RE2 remake trailer).

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    1. I think there will be much more to it, but it’s hard to see Death Stranding as anything substantial right now. I imagine that there’s going to be combat, but that’s just going off of Kojima’s past work.

      The show really was rather poorly structured. Like you said, it probably was better for the folks there, but the majority of people watching the show were at home, waiting for the switching around to finish.

      I really enjoyed the RE2 tease, but I’m not sure I’ll end up buying the game. I like that it’s more of a remake based on what I’ve seen though. The only big game I saw during Sony’s E3 event that I want is TLOU2.

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  4. I think despite all that Sony did win. They have the best collection of games coming out in my opinion. Who do you think had the best presentation?

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    1. I can respect that opinion. I wouldn’t say anyone wins E3, but I know most gamers consider a “winner” to be the one that showed the games they want to play.

      That said, Nintendo’s showcase was more focused, Microsoft’s showcase demonstrated that they’re making progress towards rivaling Sony again, and Sony showed the games that PS4 players want. Of course, Microsoft showed a ton of games that PS4 players want too, so there’s that.



      1. Fair enough. Microsoft is making strides. And they need to because with Crackdown 3 being delayed once again and only Forza Horizon 4 being the only 1st party IP coming out this holiday season for them they really need to do something big in terms of great.

        Nintendo may have focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a bit too much but I feel that’s what majority of their fans wanted to see. I personally don’t have a problem with it.

        Sony I feel has the best first party IPs coming out. Spider-Man us definitely a day one pick up for me.

        But in the end we gamers are the real winners. There’s something coming out that every gamer will love at the end of the day.



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