Rules & Regs

It is probably a good idea that I lay out some ground rules for commenting on here, so here goes. First however, let me get this out of the way.

Commenting on Falcon Game Reviews posts constitutes acceptance of these rules. Also, ignorance of these rules is not an excuse.

1. Rules Of Participation

  1. Be tactful and polite to each other – Act like adults. If you aren’t an adult, act like one anyway. Pretending is fun, which is why we play video games.
  2. Respect each other’s opinions –  If you don’t agree with someone else, that’s fine. However, you can disagree with someone and still follow Rule #1.
  3. No name-calling, trolling, flame-baiting, etc – In other words, don’t be a jackass. A good rule of thumb is that if you think you’d get punched in the gut for saying something, don’t type it.
  4. Keep fanboyism to a minimum – It’s fine to have preferences and all that, and gentle prods and teasing is to be expected to some degree. Just like going out with friends, a little teasing and smart-assery is tolerable. Just be tolerable.
  5. No links allowed – I know you probably have something you want to share, but I’m not taking any chances with links. Tell people how to find it if you’d like, but hyperlinks will go straight to the spam folder.
  6. Profanity is allowed, within reason – It’s fine if you want to flavor your comments with harsh language, as long as you don’t take it too far. What is too far, you may ask? It’s up to me. Use bad words with discretion or I’ll replace them with something embarrassing.
  7. [Insert More Rules Here Eventually] – I reserve the right to make things up as I go along, so… Yeah.

2. Things To Remember

  1. Falcon Game Reviews is not run by the government – I’m going to nip this one in the bud. The 1st Amendment doesn’t mean anything here. Go ahead and try me. I study US history for fun.
  2. Comments that break the rules will be edited to my liking – I won’t delete your comments, but I’ll have fun with them. Say something mean, hateful, or nasty and I’ll make sure it turns out better somehow.
  3. I reserve the sole right to determine what is against the rules or not – I’m not here to argue with people, but discuss. You should be willing to discuss things amicably with your fellow commenters. If I see something from you I don’t like, I will gladly enforce my rules to hilarious effect.
  4. Beware: creative punishments – I have the power to do all manners of more traditional things to your comments, like delete them or send them to the trash. I can even ban you if I’d like. That doesn’t mean that I can’t think of other fun things however, so be warned.
  5. Warnings are granted at my discretion – If I think what you did is bad enough, you will be banned outright. If you get a warning, take it to heart.

Questions? Concerns?

This will be open for comments, and updated as needed. Feel free to give feedback and the like. I’ll be happy to listen.

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