How Things Work Here

 Below you will find a handful of categories that should help you find some stuff to read.


These are my thoughts and opinions on releases that I’ve had time to play thoroughly. I like to take my time with games and I consider the content of my reviews with great care, so it takes time.

My focus on reviews in particular has changed a tad, and while I’m not going to stop entirely, I’m definitely going to be focusing on my new category more often…

Thought Salad

Thought Salad is a bit of a mix, much like any good salad. I guess the opinions are the greens, with a bit of meaty critique and a healthy dose of sarcasm and attempts at humor as the dressing.


These are similar to reviews except that they are about games that I’ve had less time with. I’ll try to work on full reviews of these titles if I have time.


Well everything here is opinion, so yeah… The difference here is that these posts are related to gaming in some way, but not directly related to a game in particular. They might be controversial opinions since I’m trying to get people to read my stuff. Even bad attention is attention after all, right?


News is exactly what it sounds like. News posts will relate directly to Falcon Game Reviews or to gaming news in general.

Other Author’s Posts 

These are links to articles from other writers that I want to share with you all, and all credit goes to them. There are the same categories that I split my own articles into: Reviews, Impressions, and Opinions. Take a look, go to their page, and let them know what you think.

The Long Dark – Survivor Stories

I love The Long Dark, so naturally the next step after simply playing the game would be to find some way to do more with it. These stories are journals that I have written in the persona that I gave that character. Just a way for me to do a little creative writing.

Falcon Plays

This is a work in progress, but I’m testing the waters of streaming at the moment. I don’t know if this will continue, but I’m experimenting with new stuff. We’ll see what happens.


Please like, follow, share, or comment! I like validation. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, be sure to let me know. Just be nice please, I have feelings too.

You can find me on Twitter by clicking here.

My wife Jennifer also has a blog of her own. She authors Nerd Thoughts Blog where she muses different things that cross her mind every day.

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