So Who Is Shelby?


Shelby at the Lego store

Me outside a Lego store

Here I am.


Let me get the basics out of the way. I am a lifelong gamer, but to leave it at that would be an incredible understatement.

I really love video games. In a way, they are not only my release, but also the way for me to experience something outside myself. I prefer games that deliver emotional experiences and my favorite games are ones that leave me with a lasting impression. I won’t get into the specifics, but you’re welcome to ask and I’d love to tell you anyway.

I’m also a huge nerd. My wife and I have collected a pretty large amount of geek items, including things from Doctor Who, Bioware games, Halo, and others. Her and I also have special edition Xbox Ones, hers being a Halo 5 edition and mine the Forza Motorsport 6 edition. She doesn’t play nearly as much as I do as she is heavily focused on her coursework for her bachelor’s degree. I myself am studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. We enjoy sitting together and playing games sometimes though.

I started with this blog because I enjoy writing and have always wanted to write about video games. I was also an editor for the Xbox One UK website for while, but resigned because I didn’t have enough time to write for them. Before you ask, yes I am American and I told them that before they allowed me to join them. Trust me, they seem cool with it. I also gravitate heavily towards the Xbox One and if you’re interested in finding out why, you can check it out here. That doesn’t mean that I hate other platforms. I love playing on the PC and I spend quite a bit of time on my PS4 when I have something good to play (looking at you, Soma); I just prefer my Xbox.

That all said, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my posts here and please feel free to comment and leave feedback.

Thank you for taking an interest,

Shelby “Falcon509” Steiner

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