In case you missed it, ICYMI Gaming News is back.

So I took a long break from making these videos… Well, hopefully the wait was worth it!

Jennifer and I covered a lot of ground this episode, and had some fun with it! Infotainment at its finest.*


*The quality of the information is on par with the type of information you’d find on your own. I just took the time to read and give my own flair on the subjects. Falcon Game Reviews makes no promises that this video is entertaining to all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Not recommended for viewers under the age of 13. Choking hazard. Terms and conditions may apply. All souls collected during this broadcast are the sole property of the dark lord Cthulhu. The brands mentioned are not affiliated with Falcon Game Reviews in any way (not that they’d want to be anyway). Not available in all territories. Side effects may include sneezing, coughing, yawning, kidney failure, ghost possession, male pregnancy, dihydrogen monoxide overdose, destructive diarrhea, Christmas ornament syndrome, respiratory failure, chicken fingers, and zombification.

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Posted by Shelby "Falcon509" Steiner

I'm just a gamer that enjoys talking about my hobbies. I do a little more than that too. I love cooking, grilling, being outdoors, going target shooting, etc.


  1. Wife board. Well played, sir! And excellent news, as always. I appreciate getting a month’s worth of news in less than 30 minutes 😉

    Also, shots fired at EA, man!

    I love your description of EVE Online… that tends to be how I describe it: “Erm… it’s in space. And an MMORPG…”

    I’m intrigued by the rental idea, but… I sort of like the Blockbuster way of renting better – drop a few bucks per game, instead of having to commit to $60 and need to plow through a few games in order to get your “money’s worth.” I’m waiting to see how it goes…

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  2. Corgi’s make any vid better.

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