Olivia reminisces about her life before.

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 of Olivia’s story here.

Day 6 – Memories

Didn’t sleep well last night. Kept thinking about Montana. It’s been forever since I’ve been home, forever since I’ve been warm.

Funny to think of Montana as warm, but here… Here’s it’s just so cold all the time. I can’t step outside without getting snow into my boots. What I would do for some combat boots like the ones Dad wore. I used to love going camping with him in the summers, and going hunting in the fall.

He’d bring us out into the woods and we’d stalk elk for days. Waiting for the right opportunity to take our one shot. I thought it was fun to go out there with him after Thanksgiving dinner was over, spending time out in the wilderness catching up with each other.

Now is a different story. I don’t have anyone out here anymore. I don’t have Dad around cracking stupid jokes and telling me about all the ways he’s driving Mom crazy. It’s just me. It’s funny to think that me treking through this frozen hell all started with some of the most beautiful aurora I’ve ever seen.

If only I knew what I’d be in for. I would’ve stayed in the US.

I was pretty productive today actually. I headed back towards the tracks because I wanted to see what was in the opposite direction from the tunnel. Found a burned down cabin along the way. Makes me think I should be more careful and not leave fires burning. Of course, it isn’t like a fire is going to spread with all this damn snow around.

I worked my way east once I hit the tracks until I saw some train cars in the distance. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was another body in the snow.

His name was a little surprising: Bernard Renard. I feel like he must’ve been teased constantly growing up.

Anyways, it didn’t take long before I made my way to the derailed boxcars.

I’m tired of finding corpses. I’m even more tired of searching them. This one didn’t have a wallet though. She was curled up in the fetal position with her back against the wall. All I found on her was a picture of her with a man and a teenager. Looked like they were on vacation somewhere like Washington or British Columbia. They were smiling, wearing tshirts and shorts.

God I’m tired of this…

Found a frozen deer in the snow outside, with a wolf nearby. I wasn’t about to let that little bastard take the last of the meat, so I swung a flare at him to scare him off. Built a fire next to the deer and got to work.

Score! More venison.

After that I headed further south to poke around and came out onto a frozen lake, but not until I took the opportunity to screw up my ankle again. I made the most of it though. I scoured the fishing huts on the lake and got some pretty useful stuff. The best of which was a box of .303 rifle rounds.

Just as I was about to check the last hut on the ice, I noticed a bear and wolf locking eyes with each other. I shuffled as fast I could inside and slammed the door. I swiped everything useful and took off back to the cabin. 

Not about to get mauled by a bear.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. So tired though. I better get some rest.

Day 7 – Lost In The Fog

Woke up nice and refreshed, ready to get cracking. It was a little early to head out, so I took some time to do a little light reading.

“Survive The Outdoors!” I taught myself some new tricks about lighting fires. Mom would be proud to know that her daughter was a little better at starting fires now. Well, not really. She’d probably be shaking her head and taking my matches away. 

Regardless, the book would make for a good firestarter, ironically. Seems a little wasteful though. I don’t know if anybody else is going to need to use this place in the future, and they might be able to make use of the book. Never thought about that before.

I ate some breakfast and streamlined my pack a little. It was getting pretty heavy yesterday and I know I was carrying around some useless crap, so I thinned out my pack a bit more.

Yesterday was pretty productive, so I figured I’d carry on with that tradition and go for round 2.

Mother Nature obviously had other plans. It was foggy as hell outside and it didn’t take long before I walked in a giant circle right back to the cabin. Considering how much time I wasted, I decided that I could do for a little breather from the scavenging and take it easy for a day at least.

I know I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but whatever.

More Coming Soon

Things get a little easier once Olivia moves on from the Trapper’s Homestead, but wildlife is becoming more of a concern.

Olivia is lasting a little longer than I originally expected. I’m thinking about branching out to start a second concurrent playthrough here in the next week or so. I think he’ll prove to be an interesting character. I’m not planning on making him someone that has a background conducive to survival.

Read Part 3 of Olivia’s story here.


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