Olivia seems to have a better handle on staying alive.

Chuck was the first survivor. Read his story here.

Day 1 – Introductions

Hi, my name is Olivia Durham. If you’re reading this, you can have whatever you can find. I’m probably dead anyway. I’ve been writing here to keep track of my days. After being alone for three days straight now, I think I need to write so I can at least feel like I’m talking to someone.

Here I go…

I can’t stay here forever. The owner will be back eventually. It’s been weeks since I’ve been home and I’m getting tired of the cold. Every day and night brings more hardship and trouble. I’ve narrowly survived so far, only by being cautious.

I haven’t seen a soul in days, and I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. Chuck split up from me about three days ago and I haven’t seen a trace of him since. He always said that he thought I was slowing him down, but he stuck around for some reason.

I wonder why? Why stay? Why leave me just now?

On a side note, the owner of this cabin left his boots in the safe.


I found a guy off in the woods to what I think is the south of the cabin. Long dead… Frozen. It feels wrong to search his pockets, but I doubt it matters now. His belongings were all gone, but I found a hatchet next to him.

Max Greene. I’ll remember you. At least so someone does. I hope your driver’s license is good enough for a tombstone.

I saw a tunnel earlier but I decided to stay out… Not sure how I feel about them after the run in with the bear.

Of course the tunnel meant there were train tracks, so I followed them a little. Found a ranger checkpoint… Empty. Only person there was upstairs, crouched frozen at the top of the staircase.

Made my way back to the cabin. Still no sign of the owner. Well, until I looked in the safe that is. Turns out the owner wrote his initials on the pair of boots he left in the safe. MG.

I guess I know what happened to him now.

Day 2 – Another Day

Woke up to darkness and cold again. This time, I feel a little better. I had a warm fire going last night and enjoyed a can of soup. Got all my supplies gathered up and sorted too. Feeling organized.

Not sure what to do next to be perfectly honest. I know I should keep heading south as much as I can, but I’m not sure that I want to just yet. Things around here look pretty cozy.

Had a nice breakfast of peaches and read for a little. Gonna try that recipe I saw. Just need to find a rabbit now.Luckily I have that snare outside.

I headed south (I think) yesterday, so I figured that east would be a good direction to head in this time.

I walked for a while and found a hunting blind. Not much there except a snapped arrow though.

Started to head back to the cabin and I rolled my ankle while trying to head down a hill. Can’t decide if it was a good thing or not, because I saw a deer corpse in the snow once I stopped wincing in pain. I hacked at it for a couple hours and got a few pounds of meat out of him. I went ahead and carried it all back  to the cabin and feasted a little

Day 3 – The Tower

Another cold morning (go figure)…

I headed back the way I went yesterday, following the ridgeline. I remember seeing something on a hill a couple days ago and wanted to check it out when I could actually walk. It’s a good thing I did too.

Turns out it’s an old firewatch tower… and it’s been visited recently. Whoever it was, they weren’t kind to it. The sheets were thrown about and the radio was destroyed.

Thanks, random jackass… I could’ve used it.

Anyways, since I twisted my ankle again and tumbled pretty bad afterwards, I figured that staying the night would be a good idea.

Day 4 – The Others

A blizzard woke me up in the middle of the night. I would’ve loved to get back to the cabin today, but it looks like I might be stuck here for a while…

Went back to sleep. Must’ve been out for a while, because it looks like the blizzard died down.

I think I’ll head out again to see if I can make it back.

I actually made it there in one piece… Sorta. Messed up my ankle pretty bad again. I’m going to need to invest in some better boots I guess.

Saw some others on my way here, outside a nearby cabin… They weren’t alive though.

It’s starting to feel lonely out here.

Day 5 – Dreams

I dreamt about Chuck last night.

He was sitting by the fire, humming an old song to himself. He kept poking at the burning embers, which made them make a sizzling sound. I sat up in my sleeping bag and looked at him, but he just ignored me.

Then he slowly turned to me and said “I’m leaving now Olivia”. I wasn’t surprised though. It was almost refreshing actually. Then I watched as his eyes glazed over and his skin turned white.

The next thing I know, he’s lying in the snow and I’m rifling through his pockets for anything I could find.

I think looting the dead is starting to get to me.

I wonder how Chuck is doing? Hopefully he was right about heading south.

I’m down to a can of peaches, some tomato soup, and wet dog food. Once that’s gone, I’m down to my snack foods and this MRE I found. My dad told me about MREs from when he was in the army. Said most of them tasted like crap, but that the ham and eggs one wasn’t too terrible. Too bad this one is the vegetarian one.

I really need to figure something out for the long term… 

More Coming Soon

I will continue this playthrough and will post the new journal entries as I gather a substantial enough amount. Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think!

Read Part 2 of Olivia’s journey here.


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