Chuck… The first (and possibly dumbest) survivor.

Day 1 – Mystery Lake

Dropped down into some valley. There’s no way back up as far as I can tell. I managed to stumble across some sort of logging camp, but nobody is here.

Found some food and more clothes. Had to ditch my parka after that bear chased me through the woods. Damn thing got all torn up.

I’m gonna have to find somewhere warm to hole up tonight. I might check around in the hills for a cabin or something.

Wind died down. Time to move again. Will write more later.

Found a forestry service tower. Figure I’ll camp here tonight. Seems cozy enough, and I doubt the service will mind at all. They might mind that I’m going to take their knife and rope though. they can take it out of my taxes I guess.

Will write more tomorrow.

Day 2 – Leaving Mystery Lake

Damn forestry service radio is FUBAR. Won’t work at all. Great craftsmanship there guys…

Decided to head out and found a railroad tunnel. Going to follow it to see where it goes.

Day 3 – The Marsh

Came out of the tunnel to some sort of marshland I think. There were some derailed cars ahead of me, so I looted them for supplies. Not much in there, but I can make do.

Damn near froze to death though. Only managed to survive by finding a rocky outcropping and making camp. Set out my sleeping bag and started a fire to keep warm, but it burnt out halfway through the night. Got it relit, but I wasted a good hour or so just trying to find more wood to burn so I could use some of this coal I found.

Now I’m warm, but I’m getting hungry again. I wish snow was more filling, and wouldn’t give me hypothermia.

What a hellhole… I can’t wait to find civilization again.

Fell through the ice… Great move, Chuck…

Now I’m freezing, and because I stupidly chose to eat raw meat because I was starving, I’m probably going to die.

Found a cave. I guess I better check it out. What’s the worst that could happen?


Chuck died after three days trying to survive the cold. He warmed up a little in the cave after finding some basic supplies and resting for a while. Unfortunately, the cold got to his head and he neglected to stay put until he recovered fully from falling through the ice.

He left safety and quickly got lost. After stumbling through the snow for about an hour, and dusk approaching, he tried to make camp in a seemingly safe spot.

He passed out and froze to death while trying to collect firewood in the dark.

Chuck didn’t last very long, but he didn’t write about Olivia, who was with him before he visited Mystery Lake. Read her story starting here.

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Posted by Shelby "Falcon509" Steiner

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  1. Christopher Lampton December 30, 2016 at 11:12

    I love that firewatch tower. I want to hang out there forever and play Firewatch. But why did they leave so little food behind?

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Well it’s a big tower. I’d reason that others saw it and looted it already. I know it’s a game and all, but it would make sense for the most visible structure to also be the one picked clean.



  2. […] Chuck was the first survivor. Read his story here. […]



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