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The Worst Part Of Playing With Others

Sometimes the worst part about multiplayer gaming (tabletop and video games) […]

Nitpicking Video Games

The things I’ve listed here probably shouldn’t bother me, but […]

Modern Gaming Kinda Sucks

Downloadable content, season passes, and preorder bonuses.

Falcon Reviews Debuts: The Most Awards

The Most Awards, brought to you by the most Falcon-y of […]

America Gets A Dose Of Reality Show

Header Image Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images I’m going to get […]

Microsoft Or Sony, Who Has The Upper Hand?

There have been many musings regarding the state of the […]

These Innovative Games Will Challenge Your Thinking

Like TV shows, books, and movies; video games have the […]

Confessions Of A Game Store Employee

My first-hand experience in the retail half of the gaming […]


You (should) know what fanboys are…


Is the MOBA style of games becoming the new trend […]

Infinite Warfare?

The never-ending story that is the Call of Duty franchise. […]