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Failures Of The Xbox One

Part one of a four part series. Prepare for a […]

Is Far Cry 5 Really Controversial?

This is going to be a little more off the […]

Why I’m Not A PC Gamer

I’ll go ahead and start this with a disclaimer.

Where Ghost Recon: Wildlands Missed The Mark

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a good game, but a few […]

Project Scorpio: What’s The Point?

Sure, it’s powerful compared to other consoles…

Trademarks: Developers Strike Back

There appears to be a new tactic in the war […]

Copyright Wars: A New Hope

The battle between content creators and copyright holders is still […]

Love And Marriage In Games

Let’s try something new. A co-op article by Jennifer and […]

Parents And Children: The M-Rated War

There are different types of parents. Here is my view […]

Preloading Physical Games: A New Industry Practice?

Is it possible that physical gaming media might be more […]

The Worst Part Of Playing With Others

Sometimes the worst part about multiplayer gaming (tabletop and video games) […]

Nitpicking Video Games

The things I’ve listed here probably shouldn’t bother me, but […]