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Continuing The Game?

It’d probably be better if games just ended.

You Don’t Need To Enjoy Everything

It isn’t required to enjoy every game that comes out, despite what you may think. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences, but you shouldn’t let them hold you back.

What Ever Happened to Mass Effect: Andromeda? Part I

Athena from Ambigamingcorner and I have partnered together to write about Mass […]

How Good Should You Be At Games?

When difficulty and skill become a concern in gaming.

What Is With Us Millennials?

It must be a new trend in the media to […]

Activision And Modern Warfare Remastered

Who knew that something with so much potential could turn […]

Take-Two’s Takedown Of OpenIV

Grand Theft Auto V‘s publisher smacks down mod creator.

Failures Of The Gaming Community

Part five of four. Yes, you read that correctly.