A Falcon Update: Principles

Taking a principled stand.

Last night, I took to Twitter to announce my intentions going forward regarding loot boxes and the gaming industry’s loving embrace of using gambling as a means to make money. I’ve covered this before in my posts about Forza Motorsport 7‘s loot boxes, and the issue as a whole.


Admittedly, initially, I was rather apologetic in regards to Forza 7. I carry a torch for that franchise, so it was hard to see criticism of it for the inclusion of this recent diarrhetic deluge of loot boxes in gaming.

But I won’t enable publishers to take advantage of my spending habits any longer.

I will wait until I can find a suitable used copy of loot box games before considering a review. That way, the money made off the purchase of the copy doesn’t go to the publisher at all.

That said, if you do want to play those offending games, I understand. I just don’t want my personal interests or Falcon Game Reviews to contribute to the gaming industry thinking this is okay anymore. I understand that this will put this site at a disadvantage since the majority of major releases have loot boxes in them now, but so be it. I’d rather this site lose traffic than to allow it to support despicable practices in the gaming industry.

Thank you all. Here’s a puppy.

Tali is sad that gaming is getting worse too

9 thoughts on “A Falcon Update: Principles

  1. Unless everyone around the world stopped buying loot boxes it will prolly never end.

    I dont generally buy loot boxes in non F2P games. And in F2P games I only purchase in game stuff IF I enjoy the game enough that I want to support the devs.

    Thats about as far as it goes for me.

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  2. Good for you! This whole stupid microtransaction thing is getting out of hand. I was never a fan of paid in-game items and DLC. Now most big games just seem like a greedy cash grab… sigh. The best way to change things is to vote with our wallets. Sadly, Terminally Nerdy is right – some people will always buy this stuff.

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