A Falcon Update: It’s Official

Good news, everyone!

This post marks my celebration of a few things. You probably don’t know this, but the piece For Honor Beta Impressions was the 100th post on Falcon Reviews Blog, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. However, that isn’t the end of the good news.

If you look about the page, you’ll probably notice few little changes. First, I renamed the site Falcon Game Reviews, which I feel is pretty applicable. I know that I talk about some things that aren’t gaming related, and I don’t do just reviews, but I like it (that’s what matters, yeah?). Second, instead of the address bar showing “www.falconreviewsblog.wordpress.com”, it shows “www.falcongamereviews.com”. Yep, I registered the domain! Lastly (because I like when things come in threes), I’ve gone ad-free!

With that said, it is officially February, so I’m going to focus a little more on frightening things. However, that won’t stop me from doing more to continue the story of Olivia in The Long Dark or finishing my review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

So I’ll keep in touch, and try to set Falcon Game Reviews off to a good start!

30 thoughts on “A Falcon Update: It’s Official

  1. Nice man! I also just went Premium yesterday and I’ve been tweaking my CSS a bit. It’s nice to get rid of the ugly ads too. I’m actually kinda bummed that you can’t directly edit the templates but it’s enough flexibility to make some significant changes and improve the theme layout.

    Congrats on the 100th post!

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          1. Same thing here. As soon as you introduce the factor of income on a blog, any attempt to network for the genuine reason of wanting to talk video games feels like self promotion.

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            1. I already feel like I’m self-promoting whenever I talk about this site. I’ve read that some people choose to get sponsored, but I’d feel a little iffy about it personally.

              Then there’s things like Patreon, but I’d feel like I was begging. In a year or so, I won’t be hurting for ways to fund Falcon Game Reviews so much, it’s just tempting to want to make money from it directly so I can do more on here.


  2. congrats! Loving the changes! I’m also changing up a few things, since this is my second year on this site this coming September: I’m already changing up the CSS a bit, and placing in new fonts: Maybe one day, I can be like that guy up in the comment section where he went premium: I would love to get this thing monetized if I go big enough, one day hopefully.

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    1. Thank you by the way. I’m going to keep tinkering with it in the meantime.

      Like I said to Geddy, I considered Premium, but everything I read on WordAds (the advertising program) gives me the impression that unless I would be getting hundreds of thousands of views on here, I wouldn’t be benefitting much.

      Regardless, the tools in Premium seem really robust, so I will likely upgrade in the future when I have a little more disposable income. As it is right now, I have to pick and choose what I work on. I’d love to do more reviews, more often, but time and money are a serious constraint.

      If you want to go Premium though, I’d say go for it when you can.

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      1. Yeah. Unless you’re big, you won’t benefit perhaps one day, if I get big enough then I’ll go premium. I’d love to more things but IRL gets in the way, I have to pick and choose what I work on as well. Right now, I’m finishing up my review for two games: Call of Duty and Watch Dogs 2, as well as my hands on time with two BF1 custom game modes.

        I’m cleaning up the home page and fixing things, making everything look more “clean” and more “friendlier” with fonts, etc.

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          1. I’m also hopping in on that Dishonored 2 review, I just completed it this past weekend after months of falling asleep on it and being bored with it. It’s going to go live sometime next week after I get my hands on that Ghost Recon closed beta. I’m already messing around with fonts

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              1. It’s gonna go out sometime tomorrow or definitely the 3rd of February, but don’t hold me to that but definitely hold me to the 3rd of February, that’s when the beta goes live and I’m sure folks are going to get their codes then. It runs until this weekend?

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                  1. Same, but if I do get in, I will certainly write about it. I usually get lucky with Ubisoft betas, I got lucky with Rainbow Six: Siege and the Division beta but that can change at any moment.

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