There aren’t any dam survivors.

In case you didn’t read it, take a look at Part 3 here.

Day 9 – Paranoid

There was another blizzard last night, so naturally I got a terrible night’s sleep. I keep hearing noises at night now, and the battering the cabin took during the blizzard sounded like someone trying to break in. I spent the entire night hugging my rifle.

I headed back down the tracks in the direction of those derailed train cars. Of course, I brought the rifle with me… I’m not taking any more chances. 

Further down the tracks, I noticed the telltale sign of someone lying face down in the snow. His gear was completely shredded. Probably by wild dogs. More likely it was wolves. Either way, he looked like he took more than just a beating from wild animals. He had wounds all over from someone hitting and jabbing at him. I checked his pockets and founda single bullet, with the same caliber as the rifle I found.

Lucky, but I wonder if he was the guy that shot that person by the lake. If that’s who he his, he got what was coming to him.

As I continued on, I came across a couple bucks, standing out in the snow and searching for something to eat. I decided to ply my skills at hunting and take a shot.

Dad would be proud of me. I put a round just between the buck’s shoulder and his leg. Right in the heart. He was down and out in seconds. I cut up what I could carry and took the meat back to the cabin to cook it.

I couldn’t decide what I should do about my food situation. I could either down another can of dog food for dinner or start into my delicious, new ration. I settled on eating another can of dog food to save the good stuff for later.

It was chicken and rice. All in all, it really wasn’t that bad. Could’ve done without the fat jelly at the top, but it was bearable.

I haven’t decided whether or not I should read that journal. As of right now, it feels wrong. I don’t know.

I’m exhausted anyway. I’m going to bar up the doors and try and get some sleep.

Day 10 – Big Dam Building

I only woke up once last night. I had a nightmare where I found mom and dad in a cabin nearby. They wouldn’t look at me, as if they were ashamed. I didn’t realize why until I noticed that my hands were covered in blood.

I woke up to a decent enough day, for a frozen wasteland at least. The fog and humidity in the air made it almost feel warm. I headed back inside after taking in the cold air for a bit. It’s a bit of a ritual I started since I haven’t had my morning coffee in weeks. Nothing wakes you up like your face flash-freezing though.

I had some gut from one of the frozen deer I found set out for a while now, so I tried my hands at making a bow. It took a while, but I finally got the curve just right, and the bowstring just tight enough. Now I just need some arrows and I won’t need to worry about running out of bullets.

After the bow experiment, I sat down to what I hope is my last canned meal for a while. The label was torn off completely, but instead of smelling the whiff of canned soup or pork and beans, I got a disgusting mystery meal of vaguely fish-flavored dog food. I didn’t waste it, but it was really hard to not throw the can out and start in on some venison.

Once I finished my vomit-inducing lunch, I set out along the tracks again. Trying to peer through the thick fog. I almost lost my way a couple times since the snow has started to drift over the tracks, but I saw something unique at least: a railroad bridge. I peered over the side and headed down the bank to the frozen river below. It appeared that someone took up residence down there for a bit. I looked up and down the river and saw an interesting sight. A dam with a control station entrance.

I hurried up the slope to the only door I could find. Not a soul in sight. If I didn’t know any better, I could’ve sworn that I stumbled into a B-rated zombie movie. That didn’t stop me from searching the place up and down with my rifle loaded and ready to fire though.

Someone left a ton of supplies behind here: Another gas lantern, some snow gear (pretty beat up), a few MREs, some .308 rounds, and a firestriker. Best yet though… I found some coffee! Dear, sweet coffee how I’ve missed you! The two tins I found were nearly empty, with only about four or five cups worth of coffee each, but I don’t care. I have coffee again!

The only thing I didn’t find here? A bed, or sleeping bag…

So I headed back towards the ranger cabin, set on staying on the move. I know I left a sleeping bag in the trapper’s cabin, so I donned some of my new clothes (cozy winter clothes) and left the dam. It was starting to get dark quickly though, so I took a detour down to some logging camp I saw on the map in the ranger’s office. They had some old trailers with bunk beds in them, so I’m spending the night here.

Another long day ahead of me…

Day 11 – Moving Day (Again)

With morning brought some light, and more damn fog. It’d be a long day, so I cleaned out the logging camp and headed back in the direction of the ranger cabin. My entire day consisted of lugging what felt like a ton of supplies to the dam.

Since I had far too much to carry, I decided that I’d continue my good works by leaving behind some stuff I didn’t need. The next visitor will be happy to stumble across a cabin full of supplies, I’m sure. I know I always am.

My next trek out had to be to the trapper’s cabin this time, but by time I got my stuff moved to the dam, the sun was already setting. It takes a lot out of you too, to traverse snow with a house’s worth of crap on your back. I’ve made good mental notes of the area though, and I knew that I could swing by the firewatch tower on the way to the trapper’s cabin.

So here I am, burning forestry service furniture (heh… ironic?), enjoying a nice slab of venison, and staring at the destroyed radio.

I swear… If I find out who did that, I’ll make sure to show them how I feel.

As Always, More Coming Soon

I know that I’ve kinda neglected this for a while. I got sucked up in the reviews for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. I’m hoping to get another one posted within the next week or so. Patience with me is deeply appreciated!

Ready for more? Read Part 5 of Olivia’s story here.


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