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Microsoft Or Sony, Who Has The Upper Hand?

There have been many musings regarding the state of the […]

Battlefield 1’s Open Beta Is A Blast From The Past

Guns, gas, and grenades… I told myself at the announcement […]

Falcon509’s Fallout 4 Settlements Compendium

My (almost) complete collection of Fallout 4 settlement pictures.

These Innovative Games Will Challenge Your Thinking

Like TV shows, books, and movies; video games have the […]

Elite: Dangerous Review

Requires internet connection Prepare for liftoff.

How I Game

Yes. I took a picture of my corgi, Tali, to sucker people into clicking on this.

Infinite Warfare?

The never-ending story that is the Call of Duty franchise. […]

Quantum Break- Episodes

By Jennifer Steiner (The Wife, duh). This all falls into […]

Quantum Break Review

“If time is an egg, then the time egg is […]

Flame In The Flood Review

You know a dream is like a river… Except this […]

A Falcon Update: Going Quantum

This is where I sound really fickle and potentially childish.