By Jennifer Steiner (The Wife, duh).

This all falls into one play through for the game. There are many more than what the husband got. In which case there will be spoilers ahead for both the storyline and for the decisions that he made.

If you wanna skip my show review and read the actual game review, then go here. But you will be missing out on my bits… Wink, wink.


Well, if you are not playing Quantum Break then you will be very confused. Also, I don’t know how you would be watching these episodes if you are not playing the game. But whatever.

Moving on.

I did not play the game. Sorry, I do not have first hand experience. However, my husband, the original poster here for your entertainment, is the one who played. I did watch, since we live together (married, remember?).

I admit that, while we watched the episodes, I was interrupting a lot and asking questions. It wasn’t my fault. The episodes take place in betweensies what is happening in the video game.

For those of you who are watching the episodes while your gamer lover (see what I did there?) plays then you will understand my confusion.

From what I could muster up on my own, and through my countless questions, the story was pretty awesome for only being four episodes (reminds me of that one BBC show that we only get to be spoiled by for three episodes per season).

The episodes add to the video game what cinematics would usually be used for. But in this case the cinematics can be lessened (taking less time for the game designers) and adding more value to the game (in my opinion). The value is that we get to understand the characters on a more personal level. All of the episodes add depth to the bad guys moreQuantum-Break-Cemetery-Trailer-Jack-Joyce-Words-1024x576 than to the good guys. Allowing you to see more into their minds. We see their emotions and what they are struggling with. The whole right or wrong problem people struggle with-WE get to SEE it happen. Instead of having to fight off countless badies while figuring out these emotions, we are sitting on our bums and having it handed to us. Spoon fed babies, the whole lot of us.


The thing I am most bothered by, and maybe it is because I didn’t actually play the game, is that the game ends in a cliffhanger.

There are five acts to this game but only four episodes. Could they not have added in a fifth episode to help clear things up? Maybe be less like a TV show and NOT end in a cliffhanger? Are we to get any answers? Do we have to wait until they release the next game to get closure?

Seriously, I am confused here.




Here is the list of awesome dudes in this game/show:

Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce), Aidan Gillen (Paul Serene), and Lance Reddick (Martin Hatch). If you do not know who these guys are from not Quantum Break then you need to hand in your nerd card.

The cast was spot on. The acting, of course, was played to perfection. The actors made the characters come to life. I could see the agony of hurting people or not getting his way caused Serene. Reddick plays a bad guy like a pro. He was so heartless with each person he had killed. Ashmore tends to play the same characters. The sad, broken adult who is trying to change the world. He plays the part well and brought Joyce justice as a character.

Like I mentioned above the good guys are not shown in the episodes very much, the film time is left for the baddies. We get to delve deeper into the world of Monarch and its supremely bad dudes behind the scenes.

I was not emotionally connected to anyone, so when people die (it’s a video game, hello) I didn’t really care. Though Patrick Heusinger (Liam Burke) and his wife tugged at my heart strings a little. Watch the show, if you haven’t already, and you will understand why.

The Uniqueness Factor

I waited to write this bit for last so that I could take more time with it.

Quantum Break on its own is a unique game. It is a standalone game that has a unique story, plot, and characters. The manipulation of time, seen in this way, is its own story.

No other game has given us the video game AND a show to go along with it. Though I would LOVE to see other developers do this as well. gaming-quantuam-break-04.png

The most unique aspect of Quantum Break is that the show changes based on your decisions made in-game… I will let that sink in for a second.

This means that if you decide to play a recording on repeat, throughout a corridor, that it will be playing in the show as well… (this actually happened by the way).

If that doesn’t scream unique to you, then I don’t know what will.

My Favorite Part

Beside the fact that this show has some crazy awesome and popular celebrities in it, see above if you skipped that bit, I would have to say that my absolute favorite thing about the whole show is how your decisions in the game reflect in the episodes. This adds to the uniqueness factor because how many shows have we watched where this can’t possibly be the case for them? Since they are not tied to a video game and all that.

His Favorite Part

He likes that the show was not afraid to kill off characters. They didn’t count on players getting too attached to the characters, and if they did too bad.


We do not believe in giving overall ratings to games or movies or shows, so you will not see that here. However, I will say, and I am sure the husband agrees, that this game is a must play. Enjoy the difference in the story and the uniqueness of the show intertwined while you play. Play. It.

Check It Out:

The moment you all have been waiting for is here. The Husband has written his review for Quantum Break. Check out the post here.


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