Time for a breather.

Hello all,

It has been a rough week. I’ve been applying for new jobs, doing interviews (which have unfortunately gone nowhere), and working on my professional portfolio of programming projects (that’s a lot of P’s). All of this while also participating in new responsibilities for my current job, alongside my duties of working split shifts to handle store shipments and my normal work schedule.

I asked for fewer hours at work to help alleviate the strain it’s putting on me, but it appears that my request isn’t going to be granted.

I don’t want to appear to be writing a post to gripe. I’m just worn out. While previously I’ve had two days off in a row to recharge, my schedule has been adjusted. That’s why I won’t have a normal post up for today, and you’re getting this instead. I do have some things I want to work on for your enjoyment, though I need time to be able to put them together.

That said, my normal post schedule will only be interrupted this week. I can’t promise I’ll have a post up for Wednesday, but I’m going to try. Maybe I’ll do something weird or just plain fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a wonderful week. If you have any questions, just holler at me here or on Twitter. I also have a Facebook page for Falcon Game Reviews as well, and a Discord channel that I have an extremely difficult time keeping up with.

Oh, and I did have a few big posts recently, like my review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

I’ll make a video for that one.

Take care y’all.


Shelby “Falcon509” Steiner

Posted by Shelby "Falcon509" Steiner

I'm just a gamer that enjoys talking about my hobbies. I do a little more than that too. I love cooking, grilling, being outdoors, going target shooting, etc.


  1. Your blog will always be here. Taking some time off for your own sanity is often a sensible thing to do!

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  2. Take time off if you need to, your readers and the blog will be here when you are able to return. Don’t put pressure on yourself from the blog side of things and take whatever time you need.

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  3. Totally understand! Life tends to get in the way, but do what you need to do! Rooting for you! Good luck! Don’t feel like you HAVE to post here and be stressed – we got you!

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  4. Life is tough! Good luck with everything. I always like reading your stuff whenever you want to post it 🙂

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  5. […] current obsession is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which I would contend to be immersive. However, it isn’t immersive because the developers […]



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