A Falcon Update: A New Member In The Console Family!

The collection is now complete.

It isn’t every day that we get a new console. In fact, I spent the last few months trying to convince Jennifer to let me buy an Xbox One X. However, the closer it got to the launch of the new Xbox One model, the more I grew to accept the truth.

I really don’t need it, and the benefit of owning one would be lost on me since I don’t own a 4K TV or many of the games that would be enhanced by it.

Then it occurred to me; I still don’t own a Nintendo Switch.

So Jennifer presented me with a question: “Would you rather have an Xbox One X, or a Nintendo Switch?” The answer was obvious considering that I already own an Xbox One…

So my beautiful wife paired up with my wonderful mother to get me a Super Mario Odyssey edition Nintendo Switch for my birthday this year. Of course, being an adult, I was scheduled to work all day on my birthday, so she made a concession and giddily allowed me to open my gift a little early!

And the rest is history!

So please join in my excitement over this, and watch a short video of me (sorta) unboxing my new toy!


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15 thoughts on “A Falcon Update: A New Member In The Console Family!

      1. Having one around Christmas time is rough. Your birthday gets caught in the gravitation pull of the holiday. My sis-in-law is on 12/2, and we always try to get her a separate present, though it usually ends up being something from her Christmas list anyway.

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