A Falcon Update: Falcon Game Reviews Has A YouTube Channel

Only about ten years behind the trend!

In the interest of expanding Falcon Game Reviews to encompass more media types, I’ve gone through the great pains involved with creating an YouTube channel for it.

Well, it’s about as difficult as ordering pizza online… Actually, it’s easier than that.

Anyways, if you want to visit the new channel, the link is right here:

Official Falcon Game Reviews YouTube Channel Link (Click Me)

This is just the natural progression of things. We already have Twitter and Patreon accounts, as well as a Facebook page, so the next step would be YouTube, right? Or should I have made a Myspace page? Do people still use Myspace?

They actually do… Wow…

Did I mention that I’m not monetizing the videos? I didn’t? Well, now you know.

Take a moment to peruse the channel, and don’t be afraid to subscribe. If there are enough subscribers, we can have a URL that isn’t a nightmare to type!

15 thoughts on “A Falcon Update: Falcon Game Reviews Has A YouTube Channel

  1. That is fantastic! I remember when I had mine (briefly until I realized my gaming wasn’t…. I don’t know. Editing it was just ughhhhh….) that it was like “Why can’t I chose the name that shows!” and all that jazz. So I will subscribe to help raise those numbers! So you can have a nice URL and stuff. ;P
    Have fun!

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