A new era. Video of me!

Hello, all!

I just wanted to update you wonderful folks with a video tour of part of our apartment. The most interesting parts at least. I doubt you want to see the bathrooms. It took some doing, and a lot of trial and error, but I finally churned out something I don’t mind being on the internet for the rest of eternity.

Thank you in advance for watching, and I hope you enjoy! More is on the way, I assure you.

If you have anything suggestions or comments, just leave a comment below or on my YouTube page. Also, Falcon Game Reviews has an official YouTube page as well, so when I finally get some content on there, be sure to subscribe!

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Posted by Shelby "Falcon509" Steiner

I'm just a gamer that enjoys talking about my hobbies. I do a little more than that too. I love cooking, grilling, being outdoors, going target shooting, etc.


  1. I VERY much approve of your dog. One of my reasons for subbing ngl. I’ve always thought about making videos of my WP posts but I’d need to get game capture! And I sincerely hate my voice on recordings…

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    1. I’m honestly pretty self-conscious about my voice as well. I spent a good week of on and off recording, deleting, starting over from scratch, staring at the wall, cursing under my breath, and contemplating just giving up.

      It’s been a roller coaster! But I’m having fun knowing that it isn’t turning out completely terrible. Tali certainly helps πŸ™‚

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  2. I think I’m the first subscriber!

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    1. I approve of the dog, too. Omg doggy sneezes.

      For videos I think having a plan or script will help you. I’ve made a ton of videos on my phone (unposted right now because I need to edit them), and while I can usually just talk enough to get where I’m going, I like having an idea so I don’t forget anything. Granted…I also talk to myself quite a bit soooo in really just recording common behavior hehe.

      I thought this video was great and I hope to see more!

      P. S. Your voice is fine 😊

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  3. Your dog is cute and funny. But I have to admit, I nerded at some of the stuff y’all have!! This is awesome! Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to watch it!

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