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Not long ago, I wrote about the apparent trend of groups of people embracing Far Cry 5 as an outlet for their frustrations with right-wing and Christian groups, and the lack of response to call out those celebrating the chance to carry out their revenge fantasies. To me, the real controversy isn’t that Far Cry 5‘s topic, it’s the lack of reaction to those that are wanting to play it to satisfy their need to project their political enemies into the game, then kill them mercilessly.

Chris Scott rightly pointed out that there’s more to this than people are really discussing. I recommend you read his comments on my post, but also make sure that you click through to his piece. It’s worth a read, and this is definitely worth discussing.

I was brought up Catholic but have turned mostly agnostic. I have moderately conservative economical leanings and liberal social leanings. There was only one option for me to vote for president. To be honest, from after the conventions and through the debates, I wasn’t sure how anyone was able to think there was any more […]

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