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So how was EA’s presentation?

Maybe they shouldn’t go first…

A Way Out and Star Wars: Battlefront II were the stars of the show, with the rest consisting of some of the most cringe-worthy content that I’ve seen in a long time, and of course, tons of sports. EA’s show exhibited why you don’t just throw people up on stage just because they have a following on social media.

A Way Out: My Favorite Announcement

A Way Out drew my attention in a way that’s rare for an E3 presentation, showing off a narrative-focused experience with an emphasis on teamwork. The premise of trying to escape prison seems fresh to me, even if it has been done before. Generally, the whole idea behind a prison escape in a videogame is to be a small part of the overall picture, but it looks like the escape and subsequent run from the police is a major focus, if not the entire story. It’s sad to admit, but I’m genuinely excited to see a game coming out (that isn’t racing, sports, or platforming focused) that emphasizes local co-op so much as well. It looks very promising.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Probably Won’t Suck

Star Wars: Battlefront II looks downright incredible also, if only because direct comparisons can be drawn to the first of the rebooted series. Hearing that the title will not only have a significant single player component, as well as a renewed focus on local play and spacecraft, is definitely a good thing in my opinion. The biggest news by far however is that EA more or less confirmed that additional content will be provided post-launch, free of charge. I’m still skeptical about what they’re planning in lieu of charging for DLC, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Bioware Takes The Stage, Briefly

It looks like Bioware is releasing something that isn’t Dragon Age or Mass Effect, in the form of something that definitely evokes the feeling of DestinyAnthem might be promising, but after Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’m fine with putting Bioware games on the back burner.


Of course, it wouldn’t be an E3 EA conference without the obligatory sizzle reels for MaddenFIFA, and NBA Live, of which I ended up skipping all coverage.

The general feel of the conference was limp, awkward, and in the case of Janina Gavankar, forced. She seems like a gifted actress and had the necessary air of confidence, but she needed a better script for the conference. It felt like the folks that gave her the talking points were trying too hard to make her sound appealing to the audience. Instead of sounding genuine, she sounded like a mall Santa who tries to convince kids that he’s real.

A message to EA: next time, instead of trying to get your speaker to relate to a hypothetical audience of 12 year-old children, just present the game.

And let your speakers speak more from the heart.

And don’t put YouTubers on stage without giving them practice runs to get their lines right.

And don’t give us trailers for trailers, like you did with Anthem. If you’re going to show us a game, just show it…

Get the full scoop below. From GameSpot, I know. It’s the best I could do!

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  1. Great rundown.

    Currently scrolling the #xboxe3 feed, & boy is it brutal.
    The hastag has been “promoted” to the top, $$$ but very
    few comments are actually praising the presentation. ouch.

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  2. A Way Out looked really cool, I’ll just need to find someone to play it with as it is evidently co-op only.

    Battlefront II should be quite good and if they do their support DLC like they are handling Titanfall 2 then I’m fine with that. With TF2 right now it seems like they are getting a new map or two once a month.

    I saw the Anthem gameplay demo on the Xbox conference and that looked pretty cool. Definitely got the vibe of a Destiny-like game there though, which considering I like Destiny, I’m OK with.

    I play some of the Sports games but I usually take a year off between Madden’s and I got last year’s version. That said, I kind of like the Telltale, Interactive movie thing, Longshot. So, I might be down with it this year as well. That will make my son happy.

    I also kind of liked the Need For Speed demo. The Fast & the Furious vibe coming off of it was super strong and that seems like a good direction to go with Need for Speed.

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  3. A Way Out and Anthem are definitely on my radar, the former because it just looks so fascinating and it made by the same folks who made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and the latter because, say what you will about Andromeda, I still think BioWare has great characters as solid stories overall.

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  4. Funny you mentioned you didn’t like Janina Gavankar – I thought she did a good job of it, especially compared to the rest of the presentation (apart from A Way Out). Having the actress who is the star of the Battlefront II campaign was a nice touch. Though I can see your point about some areas seeming forced… it was like the presenters were following a script that the audience wasn’t in on (“cheer here!”). 😉

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  5. A Way Out! That was the game my husband was talking about. Not the stupid zombie game! That has a lot of promise! And honestly both me and the hubby are way psyched about Anthem – as well as a couple of other friends. Maybe I’ll let you know how it is and what not so you can see if you want to get it. Since you helped me out with Andromeda. ;P
    (Which… It’s one my list… for real. This darn list!!)

    Sad to see EA was so… cringeworthy? Glad I didn’t watch any of this madness to be honest and I will keep it that way.
    Plus, why do I need to watch when I got your entries to read/look forward to?

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    1. The more I look at Anthem, the more I can see the potential. I just don’t want to get hyped for it like I did with Destiny. It looks promising, but I’m trying to stay grounded.

      A Way Out and Battlefront II took the show though.

      The whole conference was just awkward though. It had its high points however.

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