Sam moves out.

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Day 2

It took some time, but I scoped out the town. Boy, was I disappointed.

There really isn’t much useful here. Those monsters must’ve cleaned the entire place out before they left. I’ve found a few scraps here and there, but not much else.

The good news? It looks like they aren’t fans of grape soda. There’s at least a case worth of grape soda here, as well as a couple cans of lemon lime and orange. Not my favorite, but it’ll do. I can’t live on a liquid diet forever though, so I have to find more than just drinks.

I’d kill for a can of bean soup right now…

The best part of my stay in this tiny, frozen hellhole? Olivia’s body attracted a wolf to the area. I meant to bury her, but the blizzard came in not long after I felt safe to move around. Instead, the wolf decided to try to rip my throat out.

I hate wolves, and my company did too. We used to hire hunters to keep our rig sites clear of wildlife, and the wolves were the most cunning ones. They even got this Irish guy to come out to our site to keep the animals at bay. My buddy even told me that he saw that maniac trying to fight a wolf off with his bare hands. I could’ve used his skills earlier.

At least the two assholes left behind the meds and bandages. I guess they were too focused on hording the food and ammo.

Day 3

The wolf did a number on me. My nice jacket? Shredded. My ski pants? Ruined. Both soaked in blood too. I spent the entirety of today just nursing my wounds and trying to patch my clothes. I can’t decide what’s worse though. Having holes in my clothes and potentially freezing to death, or repeatedly stabbing myself in the thumb with a sewing needle while trying to remember everything my home ec teacher tried beating into me. Would it kill someone to include thimbles in these sewing kits?

Got bored stabbing myself after a while, so I went for a stroll around town to see if I missed anything. I didn’t, but the wolf found me again. The loner came after me, but I think it had second thoughts after I burned it a little with my flare.

With the weather clear and the nuisance gone, I took my chances with burying Olivia again. After an hour or so of waiting for the fire to thaw the ground, I dug a shallow, unmarked grave. She deserved better.

Day 4

The wolf came back again and spent the early morning just sniffing around where Olivia’s body used to be. He looked like he could use a meal or three, which explained why he hung around the area for as long as he did. I noticed he had picked at her body some. I wish I had the luxury of feeling offended, but I kinda felt sorry for him. That and the distraction made it easy for me to slip out the back of the store. 

The window of opportunity came at a cost though. A blizzard was in full swing. So my choice was to wait it out and hope the loner lost interest, or take my chances in the cold.

Obviously, my gamble paid off, but I still can’t feel my toes. Or my ankles. Or my nose. But hey, there are plenty of ugly, orange vests in this house I’m staying in. They might come in handy if I ever want to dress like Marty McFly. 

Now all the Back To The Future tapes make sense now. Shame the VHS player doesn’t work, along with the flatscreen and microwave. I could go for a movie marathon. At least I won’t feel compelled to stick around. I need to hit the road tomorrow.

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