Life can be a little dangerous in the space age.

So I think it’s time that I’ve shared a little part of my story. There’s a lot that’s subject to change, and there’s much more work to do. I’ve just found it to be rather difficult to keep my mouth shut about writing this, because I’ve actually committed to working on my favorite part of the book, finally.

So please read this, and let me know what you think!

He could tell she was processing it all, balancing the pros and cons of the job. She always told him that he had an analytical mind, but he knew that she was the real brains of the operation.

“Anton, I know that this is a good opportunity for us, but we don’t know how long you’ll be gone, how safe it is, or even if it’ll be worth it in the end. I don’t want us to be apart for months on end. You don’t even like the idea of space travel, and you’re telling me that you want to get on a freighter with a few dozen other people, and hurtle through space to a planet nobody has been to before? You barely like going outside…”

Anton had started trailing off on her. The news had caught his eye behind Monica; an ore freighter had impacted a portion of an orbital array above Hel, sending shards of the station careening throughout low-planetary orbit. The news anchor said it would take weeks to track down and clear out the debris.

“Anton, are you listening to me?” Monica knew he was distracted, but she wasn’t angry with him. She had gotten used to Anton drifting off every now and then.

“Yes, sorry. They’re just saying that the folks on that Mao Ores freighter is stuck in a rapidly decaying trajectory. The ship lost power when it hit the station, and they’re trying to get to them before they re-enter the atmosphe…”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about.” She gestured towards the screen. “Going to another planet isn’t like taking a shuttle across the city. It’s dangerous… What if you don’t come home?” Monica started to tear up, and he could see it in her eyes. He reached out and pulled her closer, running his hands through her wavy, caramel-colored hair.

“It’s a chance I have to take. For us… I don’t have much going for me, and if I don’t take this, I’ll probably end up working for one of those mining companies anyway. I’ll go to the meeting tomorrow and find out what the plan is, and I’ll keep you in up-to-date as best I can.”

He stepped back, peering into her eyes. “I love you, and I’d never let anything happen to me. I promise.”

She glanced up, trying to stop herself from crying, but his attention had turned back to the screen again. She turned to see what was so important, and that’s when she saw the shot from the surface of Hel. A long streak of fire, plummeting across the twilight sky, shards of immolated metal breaking off as the planet reclaimed what was taken from it.

She looked back at Anton, but he just stood there, motionless. “There were almost 50 people onboard that freighter. They never got the chance to evacuate.”


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  1. Really good stuff – but then, I’m a fellow Sci-Fi nerd so, like, preaching to the choir and all that! 😉

    Just as an FYI, I’ve recently (and wholly accidentally) stumbled into copy editing and proofing as, like, a (quote-unquote) “professional” gig and whatnot, so if at any point you want a hand/suggestions/free proofreading services, just hollah at me and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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