Prey Demo Impressions


Playing Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) has taught me many things:

  1. Sometimes violence isn’t the answer
  2. Green dragons will try to get you to do horrible, horrible things
  3. Mimics are the spawn of Satan

Well, Prey appears to accomplish what most games can’t. It makes you afraid of everyday objects. In the course of the Prey Demo Opening Hour, I’ve already been attacked by about a dozen mimics. They’re little shadow spiders that lurch out at you like even more disturbing headcrabs, and what’s worse is that there not only appears to be multiple types of mimics, but they do the normal mimicry madness.

I’ve been attacked by a cup. At least, it looked like a cup at one point. That was before it turned into a hellspawn shadow spider and tried to rip my face off. I narrowly succeeded that encounter by swinging wildly with a wrench and praying that it would go back to the realm from whence it came.

Pulling Out The Rug

Prey Demo Opening Hour Breach
Shatter the illusion, with wrenches!

Prey already begins with an cool premise, but then it throws it all out the window (or through it). It’s probably too early to make any sweeping judgments about Prey, but my interest is piqued nonetheless. Considering that I previously wasn’t interested at all before playing the demo, I’d say it did its job well.

Arkane Studios looks like they’ve made their mark on the IP as well. The characters have the same basic look of the characters from Dishonored, though the rest of the game doesn’t seem to be as heavily influenced by their previous games (sorry, no whaling ships yet).

Prey Demo Opening Hour Dishonored Comparison
Say hello to Yu. Not you.

The simplicity of pummeling things with a wrench isn’t the end of your interactivity either. Instead, there appears to be a robust leveling and crafting system, and you can also throw things around to your heart’s content. Just don’t be surprised if the book you’re trying to throw out the window turns out to be a horrific shadow spider.

Prey looks mighty interesting… Even if it’s occasionally terrifying. Your enemies look like the stuff of nightmares after all.

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10 thoughts on “Prey Demo Impressions

  1. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t read the post except for the last line because I am trying to go in as dark as possible on Friday. Everything about this game seems to line up in my wheel house so, I’m really excited for it.

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