From the valley to the coast.

In case you missed it, read Part 8 here.

Day 25 – Finding A New Path

I woke up to yet another snowstorm, though this one didn’t sound nearly as bad as the last. I decided that I’d take it a little easy though. It was still early, so I went back to sleep in the hopes of waiting it out, but it didn’t let up. There wasn’t much reason to stick around. I’d just end up running out of food or firewood up here in the tower.

I carried on my tradition of leaving behind the stuff I can’t carry. Someone must be doing that for me. Either that, or there really aren’t many people around here anymore. I can’t say I’m comfortable with the idea of someone else being nearby though.

Maybe I’m just getting used to being alone? I’m almost dreading the idea of seeing another person now. I worry that the worst will happen. What that may be, I don’t know.

Well… Nevertheless, I left behind plenty of food, but my apologies to the next visitor: I’m taking the peanut butter and MREs.

I headed back down the highway towards that town to see if I missed any roads leading out. The snowstorm let up enough to allow me to make it to there, but once I arrived, the winds came back. I don’t want to press my luck, but I know I can’t afford to stick around much longer. So I followed some tracks that appeared to head off into the mountainside.

My instincts paid off, because I’m sitting pretty in an old coal mine. It’s not exactly cozy, but it seems safe. As safe as I can be when sitting in the explosives cage in an abandoned mine at least. Looks like it was picked clean, but even though the jackass who looted it broke the lock on the cage, I finagled a barricade. Should keep any errant bears away for the time being.

I really need to stop trying to carry all this crap around. My back is killing me… Might need to take some of these painkillers. Not like anyone is around to judge me.

Day 26 – Others

Today, I continued through the mines to what I’m guessing was the primary entrance shaft. It took some time, but once I got my bearings, I found a way down from the hillside. There were a few cabins, and an oddly placed trailer, none of which had anything useful inside. It was rather uneventful, aside from the occasional wolf cry.

At least until I made it to a nearby town.

There were some old footprints in the snow outside a few of the houses and the general store. It looked like someone was searching the town, but with the snow coming down pretty hard, it was difficult to tell how long ago they were poking around. Surprisingly, there were still a few things in some of the houses, but the store was scoured for anything useful.

It was during my time in the store that I heard the voices outside. They were talking about following someone, but it apparently wasn’t me. One said to the other that they’d “find the bastard that stole from their stash”, speaking of the thief like they knew him.

Maybe it’s Chuck? He seems to have a habit of taking things that aren’t his.

I can’t exactly go out and look now though. They’re searching around the town pretty thoroughly. I think I’ll be safe in here, assuming that they were the ones that emptied out the place. I figure I’ll make a break for it once it sounds like they’ve left.

They sound like they have guns. I heard one ask the other about how much ammo he had left for his pistol, and I think one of them has a shotgun. I just need to lie low for a while.

In case someone finds this:

If you get the chance, please find Judy and Harold Durham in Whitewater, Montana. They’ll wan

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