Falcon509’s Horizon: Zero Dawn Screenshot Super Gallery

Warning: This might take a while to load.

In the interest of not crashing visitor’s connections, I’ll be splitting this up into multiple pages.


It’s no secret that I love Horizon: Zero Dawn, so naturally I took a ton of screenshots. It’s a beautiful game, and Guerrilla Games made an excellent case for why people should own a PS4.

Feel free to use these screenshots if you choose. I really would love to share them. I’d only ask that you show some love in return and share this whole gallery with others as well.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170323215109
Sitting around the war table
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170324102302
Introducing Operation: Enduring Victory
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170323203118
A meeting to discuss the options
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170324123120
Showdown at high noon
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170323200129
The corpse of civilization
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303194641
Lighting the lanterns before The Proving
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170301190007
A new heroine is named, and a new franchise is born
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170305195757
Colorful destruction
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303181003
Rain, wonderful rain
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303173654
A look of sorrow and confusion
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303180555
Stalking through the tall grass
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170303205505
Horseback hunting
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170305200519
Dawn is breaking, greet the new day
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170323204532
It’s a little chilly up here
Horizon Zero Dawn Accessing Logs.jpg
A window to the past

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