Falcon Plays: PvP Marriage

I go up against Jennifer in Halo 3, in a custom SWAT mode.

So, remember when I wrote a review for the Microsoft Elite Xbox Controller?

Plus it should give me an edge over my wife in Halo. I might finally be able to beat her…

If you’re reading this Jennifer, you just bought me the tool of your own destruction!

I made some pretty bold claims. Well, I’m here today to show you the proof of my new skills with my controller, after spending some time getting used to it. I’d rather let the video evidence speak for itself though.


Well… Um… Yeah… Here’s the stats for those matches. If they all look the same, it’s because they are. She won every match.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Halo The Master Chief Collection Defeated.png

Next time, I will beat her… Victory will be mine!


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