You’re going to be hearing about this for a while from me.

So No Man’s Sky released for us plebs and the internet has obviously been ablaze with all kinds of talk regarding the game. As usual, Twitter has been an endless source of <140 characters of commentary ranging from:

The positive:


The fun:













The pure jackassery:








To the assholes:









Now I could go on about this for hours, but instead I want to actually speak about my first impressions of the game.


No Man’s Sky Is Ridiculously Addicting (and fun)

Let me elaborate, and qualify, this statement before I continue. I really enjoy No Man’s Sky. My wife enjoys playing it too to be honest. We’ve found a great time in taking turns exploring the Euclid galaxy, searching for interesting life forms, beautiful planets, wondrous sights and moving up in the universe.

So far we’ve only visited a handful of systems (mostly because I screwed up big time early on) but what we’ve seen so far has been pretty promising.

No Man’s Sky isn’t parading as a story-heavy game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a bit of narrative to keep you going but don’t be on the lookout for anything groundbreaking or tear-jerking, or a great deal of depth to the gameplay either. There’s just something about it that draws me in and holds my attention for hours, similar to Elite: Dangerous. I’m glad to report that there isn’t nearly as much of a grind to progress.


What you need to remember from this however is that I am so enamored with this game. I’ll have a complete review up hopefully within the next week or so.


Want to read more? I finished my review and you can read it here.

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