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Destiny 2 Review

Update (Nov 16th 2017): Features loot boxes that can be […]

Activision And Modern Warfare Remastered

Who knew that something with so much potential could turn […]

Take-Two’s Takedown Of OpenIV

Grand Theft Auto V‘s publisher smacks down mod creator.

E3 2017 In Retrospect: Bethesda

Image Credit: VG24/7 To think that people stayed up for […]

E3 2017 In Retrospect: Xbox

The veil is lifted, and the product of Project Scorpio […]

Failures Of The Xbox One

Part one of a four part series. Prepare for a […]

Parents And Children: The M-Rated War

There are different types of parents. Here is my view […]

Preloading Physical Games: A New Industry Practice?

Is it possible that physical gaming media might be more […]

Modern Gaming Kinda Sucks

Downloadable content, season passes, and preorder bonuses.