Ashley Hagood goes in for some “medieval multiplayer mayhem” (her words, not mine!)

For Honor was a title that I originally was looking forward to playing, but I had to set buying it aside since it wasn’t a priority for me. I did get some time in on the alpha and beta for the game, but I won’t be able to do a review for this one (thanks Ubisoft)…

I’m not bitter… Anyways.

Ashley Hagood over on her site, Robo♥beat, recently finished her own review of For Honor. I feel that if you’re interested in the game, you should definitely check her review out!

Just click the link below and be instantly transported to another realm, where somehow samurai, knights, and vikings are duking it out.

Actually, it’s just a link to her website. So there’s a only a slight risk of being disemboweled by a large man with a nodachi.

“Last weekend I played the new video game For Honor pretty obsessively. After playing a demo at PlayStation Experience and the beta a few weeks ago…”

Source: “For Honor” Review: Medieval Multiplayer Mayhem

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